Our Titan Community

Our Titan Community is strong and includes traders of all levels and different professional backgrounds. Here is what some of them have to say:


Abi – Joined in December 2022

Full time mother to her first newborn and has a background in law. ZERO trading experience prior to joining and has already turned over her trading account by three times using our video content and strategies. With the results gained, full time trading is now within sights.



Chatan – Joined in November 2022

Has a background in design and 3D artwork, working on the No7 brand in Boots. A wealth of trading experience and knowledge, especially on very important asset classes such as Gold and Cryptocurrency. He is looking to get more time back to spend with family and kids.



Haran – Joined in January 2023

Specialist in the finance sector with moderate trading experience prior to joining Titans. He has been a coachable individual who has improved from past trading mistakes.



Mike – Joined in October 2022

One of our international Titans based in the Middle East. Travels across the globe as part of his occupation and has a wealth of experience prior to joining Titans. He has took his trading to the next level by using our strategies and has turned over his account over eight times.



Robby – Joined in February 2023

Another one of our international Titans based in the United States who successfully cut down his working hours thanks to trading. Previously only did demo trading prior to joining us and thanks to our strategies, he confidently trades live and has found the consistency he has been seeking which was lacking elsewhere.

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