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£3099.99 – 8 WEEKS

The Titan Queen Pack includes:

ALL the advantages of ULTIMATE plus:

Mentoring sessions TWICE A WEEK
2 weeks to Complete Learning
6 weeks to Implement Earning
Personal power hours
Access to EXCLUSIVE group with founders
Access to Guest Talks



If paying in installments, it is to be paid as –

1 x £1549.49
3 x £516.49


£5099.99 – 12 WEEKS

The Titan King Pack includes:

ALL the advantages of QUEEN plus:

In person meet ups ONCE A WEEK
Live Quizzing
Financial Planning
4 weeks to Complete Learning
8 weeks to Implement Earning
Trading Psychology sessions
Mindset Sessions
Personal power hours x 2
Forecast Spreadsheet
Portfolio Diversification Education
(Additional streams of passive income)



If paying in installments, it is to be paid as –

1 x £2549.49
3 x £849.49

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