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£89.99 – MONTHLY

£245.99 – QUARTERLY

£1029.49 – ANNUALLY

The Titan Pro pack includes:

FULL access to educational content
Access to a Mentor FORTNIGHTLY
Access to Trading communities on Telegram
Titans WEEKLY Round up
Multiple live trading calls
Screensavers / Zoom backgrounds / Laptop Stickers
Meditation / Health & Fitness / Lifestyle calls
Allocated to a specific mentor and team
EXCLUSIVE in-person Meetups (once every 2 quarters)
13 TRADING SIGNALS PER WEEK (max 52 a month)


£109.99 – MONTHLY

£299.99 – QUARTERLY

£1,259.49 – ANNUALLY

All the goodness of Pro and:

ADDITIONAL merchandise e.g. Mugs/T-Shirts/Hoodies
Mentoring session ONCE A WEEK
Access to ALL Live trading calls
Early Bird News & Updates
EXCLUSIVE in-person Meetups (once every quarter)
20 TRADING SIGNALS PER WEEK (max 80 a month)


Advanced Resources e.g. Crypto/Gold Talk (Additional £15 a month)
Funded Trading Support (Additional £30 a month)
Personal power hour every quarter (Additional £20 per session)
Personal/Career Development Training (Additional £30 per session)
Asset Specific Trade Ideas (Additional £25 a week)

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