Our Story



The Titan method is a simple duplicatable formula. In the market for success: We are the island of relevancy. We possess a discipline that allows us to make informed decisions and capitalise on market opportunities. 

Our community has a deep understanding of economic trends, market movements, fundamental aspects and investment strategies. They use these expertise to maximise returns while minimising risks. 

Our unique focus on education, self development and enhancing your mindset means earning and learning can be rewarding in a literal sense. Without effort there is no gain: Knowledge is not power, APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS!


With a total of 7.5 years of experience in the trading and stock market, our founders bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.


They have thoroughly studied, mastered all major assets in Forex, Indices and Commodities, and take a meticulous approach to analysing the markets. This level of expertise is what sets us apart.


We have a proven track record of over 85% accuracy in our trading for the last 3 years of trading as a bare minimum!


Risk Management is the core of our strategies and this is why our lowest accuracy since we started trading is 80%, which shows that we have not just set the bar, WE ARE THE BAR!


At the forefront of our priorities is putting people first, and this is reflected in our team of highly experienced traders.


Your feedback holds great value to us. We actively strive to incorporate your suggestions into our future plans. Ensuring that our clients come first is key in our approach.



PROFESSION: RETIRED SINCE AGE 31! I am a former real estate professional of 15 years who decided to reinvent the wheel and become co-founder of a rapidly growing trading education company in the UK, specialising in teaching diversification strategies for financial markets, stocks, currency, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. I am aiming for the company to become global and help individuals achieve financial stability and success.

PERSONALITY: I would say I am creative, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial-minded with a passion for helping others succeed. A team player with strong leadership skills, initiative, tech-savviness and versatility.

PURSUIT: Since beginning trading, I have been able to turnover my initial starting deposit 27x with an average accuracy of 86% per 1000 trades. I have achieved personal freedom through coaching, using skills acquired over the years to help others transform their lives through online video sessions.

  • Former Real Estate Director for 15 years.
  • As hobbies I like to watch Cricket, Football and professional wrestling, while also being a big time movie lover, especially franchises such as Marvel.
  • Long term goal is to help over 1000 individuals achieve financial independence.
  • Every penny invested from your subscription, a small percentage goes to charity, so we always look to give back.



PROFESSION: I am a tech professional specialising in Data and Platform Engineering; a Lead DevOps Engineer with 9 years of technical experience. I own multiple businesses, one of which is my own Career Development marketplace called ‘Tattel’, where students, graduates and ‘Open to Work’ professionals can connect with industry experts (from a diverse range of sectors) for guidance, advice, informal chat and ultimately mentoring. I am also the CTO for Tattel. 

PERSONALITY: Keen, Confident, Creative, Highly motivated with a keen eye for detail. I possess an enquiring nature, am proactive and a highly skilled problem solver who loves Maths! Staying humble is the biggest quality of a human and this is a principle I live by, am down to earth and easily approachable. I truly believe success comes from helping others grow!

PURSUIT:  Covid came as a blessing in disguise for me; I started trading. Since then, I have turned over my initial deposit 11x, paid off my debts and understood the true meaning of making money work for you! My personal track record and passion for helping others enabled me to start educating others on trading, and coming together with like minded individuals, gave birth to The Trading Titans.

  • Fitness Advocate - both mental and physical.
  • Petrol Head, Foodie and Wrestling lover.
  • I aim to retire by the age of 35!
  • Giving someone an opportunity is the best thing you can do for them; I can help you with yours! I believe this is the best form of charity we can give as humans.



PROFESSION: Working as a Dispensing Optician and pursuing studies as a Student Optometrist, furthering research about diabetes and ocular health. I have the privilege of seeing the unseen and a distinct understanding of how our societal contributions can affect individuals from the cradle to the grave.  

PERSONALITY: The moment to make a difference is now. I have a zest to live life to its upper limits and driven by a strong “CAN DO ATTITUDE” in the face of adversity. I am fuelled by a mindset that holds growth, knowledge and mental wellbeing at the forefront of all my undertakings. I often ponder the question “What legacy will I leave behind?” while indulging in a calming cup of tea.

PURSUIT: Over the last 2.5 years I have garnered a deep understanding of Forex, Indices and Commodities. In doing so, I have grown my trading account 13 times from its initial deposit and mentored many others in their personal growth journeys. A core belief of mine is that a flexible mindset is essential for making effective decisions not only in trading, but in all aspects of life. Now, I am a COO at the age of 24!

  • Leveraging my own expertise to become an aspiring Optometrist specialising in Diabetes.
  • Marvel Movie Buff and self proclaimed tea connoisseur!
  • My goal is to retire in 10 years from “WORKING” to being my OWN BOSS.
  • To ensure that irrespective of financial circumstances, quality eye care is accessible.



Our style is UCEY, while the pips are JUICEY! Our founders all have skills in different occupational fields, which makes the knowledge attainable become LIMITLESS!


All personal mentoring sessions are smooth and unrushed because we take time to listen and process what you are trying to achieve.


A trading plan is catered for you with your specific area of knowledge being targeted.


We are driven by the members of our community to go forward and strive to be the BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT WE DO!


Trading Titans is a very well structured business: every trade idea given, is logged in our spreadsheet so they are easily trackable.


We count every single pip given alongside number of pips that were profitable.


We show our transparency by publishing results every single month; we help you try to achieve between 20-30% monthly growth.


We have a unique community called the ‘Titan League’ which focuses STRICTLY on NON-TRADING related matters.


Whether it be your wellbeing or memes, we strive to show our business goal is massive.


Outside of trading, we like to have fun and build lifetime relations with our community, on days the market does not operate.